JetLag Genie

Version 1.2

Want to beat jet lag? Need to be on top of your game when traveling abroad? Let the JetLag Genie help you follow a plan with the active steps you need to take to significantly reduce the effects of jet lag. Features include:

  • Customized action plans based on your flight info and personal sleep patterns
  • Daily plans for days before your trip, during your flight, and at your destination
  • Melatonin guide, for when to take this popular (and natural) anti-jetlag pill
  • Timely notifications of your daily activities

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Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.2 or later.

Enter Your Travel Information

Set Your Sleep and Alert Preferences

Follow the Plan of Action for Success

I fly from New York to Tokyo on a regular basis and I use the JetLag Genie everytime...following the plan the app creates has definitely helped reduce my jet lag

- Edwin Reyes Visual Designer

Awesome app, I avoided spending half of my week-long vacation to the Maldives in a foggy haze

- Byron Clift Chief Financial Officer

Easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to follow. Worth every penny if you want to be more alert on your trip.

- Danielle AltieriGlobal Management Consultant

An essential tool for anyone who needs to travel abroad and wants to hit the ground running. Just make sure you follow the plan, it works!

- Janet WebersteinPurchasing Manager
How do I use it?

Enter in your flight info and personal preferences, then follow the steps in the daily customized plans.


How does it work?

The effects of jet lag have been show to be reduced by taking proactive steps, such as altering your sleep patterns or exposing yourself to sunlight. The JetLag Genie takes your flight info and personal sleep preferences to calculate a plan with these steps, specific to you.

When do I use it?

Any travel you take that crosses 3 or more time zones, for business, pleasure, or both, as long as you want to be more alert when you arrive at a destination.

How well does it work?

While results do vary from person to person, most people will benefit to some degree from following the action plan the JetLag Genie provides. The closer you follow the plan, the better the results.

An App Born Out of Necessity

After suffering awful, nauseous, trip-ruining jet lag on numerous trips from the United States to destinations such as Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Jakarta - ok, ASIA - I decided I wanted to understand how to beat jet lag. Well as it turns out, there weren't, and aren't, many good resources that help you easily do so. So, I did my research, and constructed a way to help other travellers, for whatever purpose, to take active steps before, during, and after their trip to shave the hard edges off of jet lag...and so you have the JetLag Genie.

I want to make the JetLag Genie the premiere jet lag planning app for people to use when they want to travel far and want to minimize the amount of time and pain associated with jet lag. It's a real plan, and if you follow the plan, you are going to help yourself.

So, thank you for your interest in the JetLag Genie, and do send me your stories about how well the app worked for you, and what improvements we need to make. We will continuously enhance the app to make it work for the most people. Feel free to shoot us a message at anytime.

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App Screenshots

JetLag Genie 1.2

Released on 11/28/11
  • Past dates are displayed in gray to help user identify which action to take
  • Improved daily plan calculations to display more accurately
  • Improved accuracy of plan calculations on Flight Days
  • Past dates are displayed in gray to help user identify which action to take

JetLag Genie 1.1

Released on 5/10/11
  • Fixed bug that was disabling the ability for the app to calculate daily plans for west-bound trips
  • Fixed bug resulting in blank screens for users with iOS version 4.3.2+

JetLag Genie 1.0

Released on 3/25/11
  • All New!
  • Version 1.1 update expected by June to enhance usability and design
  • Send feedback now, thanks for your interest!

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